A Description of Executive Rehab

executive rehabWe have all become aware of high-end rehabs that accommodate the rich and famous, offering exclusive services in beautiful places. Yet a newer concept in the treatment of addiction is executive recovery. As its name would imply, this sort of treatment is made for individuals of a high profile standing who are industry leaders and acclaimed professionals. It goes without saying that people at this level of success have expectations and standards of their surroundings and their interactions. Executive addiction recovery programs present this caliner of person with addiction treatment options that suit their expectations and allow them to recover without compromising their lifestyle.

A few of the characteristics of one of these high quality executive alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs are:

  • The treatment plan is created for high profile individuals, consisting of topics such as how to manage stress in the workplace, controlling anger problems and staying healthy and fit in the midst of high responsibility work
  • The program schedule is able to be adjusted to make room for the client’s job requirements
  • Business center features are present in order to allow clients the ability to work remotely, such as computer systems, phones, desks, website access and other workplace equipment
  • A higher standard of professionalism and trust, consisting of a strong record of success, a recognized program, the lastest in treatment methods and materials and a professional, hand-selected staff
  • A higher staff to customer ratio to make sure that each customer will receive extensive individual focus for their recovery needs
  • Services such as detox, therapy and ongoing support services will be provided
  • The surroundings and the way of life are similar to a highly accomodating resort
  • Healing, enjoyable tasks are made readily available, such as outside sporting activities, animal therapy, yoga and meditation
  • The grounds and facility are therapeutic and unique